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Water Softening – How it works Video

This video, which is the latest in our series, shows how water softeners works and the different systems available to suit your size family. Our products use the latest technology available to provide the softest, freshest water, with accurate metering measuring every drop. If you have any questions on the video, water softeners, or your requirements, just drop us a phone call or email. Check out our main website showing all water softening systems available including more videos..


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  1. Hi Thomas.
    I wanted to let you know how happy we are with the water softener that you installed for us. The water in our area is extremely hard and we were used to the build up of limescale
    in our kettle and on the taps and shower screen. The difference since we got the softener installed is amazing! The shower screen in particular is daily proof of the difference the softener makes. Before, every drop of water on the glass left a residue of limescale but now it’s so easy to keep clean. So thanks a million, we’re thrilled with the softener.

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