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About Aqua Safe Softeners and Filter Systems

thomas-noonan-aqua-safe-mdAqua Safe is based in Knocklong, Co. Limerick and has been providing Water Softeners and Filter systems to homes, pubs, B&B, restauraunts for over 20 years. We offer and provide:

  • Consultation and Advice on Water Treatment
  • Fit and install Water Softeners, Filters and Well Water systems
  • Provide filtration and softener demonstrations
  • Water Coolers
  • Deliver Salt and service for all types of Water Softeners
  • Provide filtration systems for all types of water problems.

This website contains news, articles and updates on the world of water treatment, filtration and quality. We bring the latest solutions to you, so you can benefit with the cleanest and freshest water supply.

To arrange a free demonstation call 1850 550 650. To view some of our solutions available, vist our parent soft water website.

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