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Precautions to take against Frost

Frozen PipesWarning, Frost!

Frost and cold, nice for the festive period but can cause serious damage to many aspects of your home, in particular in the case of any exposes water retaining unit such as a water filter.

What can happen:

  1. No Water
  2. Frozen pipes
  3. In some cases, burst pipes or damage to the filters

If your water filter e.g.; water softener or well water filter  is located in a pump house or garage or even outside it would be wise to ensure that it is not exposed to sub zero conditions.

Some pointers to protect your filters system:

  • Lag all exposed pipes going to your unit and coming from the unit.
  • Place some lagging over the control mechanism such as attic insulation or an old jacket or blanket.
  • Of particular concern is the waste line from the filter unit. This waste line is normally exposed to the elements as it goes outside. If this line freezes it will not allow the waste water to exit and this will result in the salt container retaining its water level and in some cases will cause an overflow.

 One method to avoid this situation during the frosty period is to set the clock to initiate the back-wash during the day when it may not be freezing. Once the cold period has passed, reset the clock back to normal time, so the unit back-washes again at 2 am.